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Models of Toyota Revamped And Available in Kansas City

toyota_etioscross_600x300Toyota revamped its Prius, Highlander, Scion FR-S and Corolla models to Prius Prime, Highland three-row SUV, Toyota 86 and a 50th Anniversary Corolla respectively as 2017 editions. The world’s largest and leading automaker has worked with diligence to stay ahead of the others in style and efficiency. Kansas City Toyota dealers are ready to deal with all these models once this article here has convinced you of the four revamped models.

Prius Prime: Prius is the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid. Toyota expects that the Prius Prime will get beyond or close to 120 miles per gallon, which is the highest rating among plug-in hybrids. This is a 26 % improvement over the previous Prius model this one has replaced. The Japanese maker claims that the hybrid when fully charged can achieve 22 miles before having to switch over to gasoline powered engine. The 22 miles per hour electric charge mode is more than enough for Americans to get to work and back home. This is a highly desirable feature with gasoline prices being too unpredictable. For longer distance commutes the hybrid system is highly fuel efficient.

The Prius Prime has an 8.8 KW battery to power when in electric mode. It also features a dual motor generator drive system. It takes about 5.5 hours to charge the Prius Prime hybrid using a standard 120-volt outlet. This time taken can be reduced to 2.25 hours with a 240-volt power source. Its shape is classic with a chiseled profile, a plain and aerodynamic model with an edgy character line.

Highlander three-row SUV: Toyota refurbished its Highlander with an aggressive front grille. It boasts of an 8-speed transmission on a 3.5 liter 4 cylinder direct injection engine. It is available in 3 new colors of Salsa red pearl, toasted walnut pearl and celestial silver metallic exteriors. It is a top notch design and a quite ride made of premium material. It has a rearview camera, USB port and Bluetooth. The entune system is upgraded to 8″ touch screen. It has a feature called Driver easy speak which sets it apart from other models. This feature carries the driver’s voice over the speakers to co-passengers, especially at the back. The dashboard controls are easy to use.

Toyota 86: This model has totally replaced the predecessor Scion FR-S. This model is built in partnership with Subaru. It is a compact sports coupe with great head and tail lights. The manual version is a 2-liter cylinder engine which delivers 205 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque. Its brakes are exceptional. Its economic price is most desirable as it delivers good value on expense.

50th Anniversary Corolla: This model is a celebration of Toyota’s victory in being the best brand among automobiles. The redesigned corolla has advanced safety features to include collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams and lane departure alert. It has a 50th-anniversary badge, cherry stitch and dash panel. The model has 17″ alloy wheel. It maintains its legendary reliability at an economic price.