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What You Need To Know About Car Jacks And Stands


No one would have been without changing tires for their vehicle at some point in time. A spare tire is a necessity, and next mandatory tool is the jack. There are best jacks available in the market like the jegs performance 80006 model with good customer ratings.If you are concerned about the reviews, then you can read them in www.autoindustriya.com/ . Without making use of Jack, there is absolutely no other alternative to raise the vehicle away from the ground.

To change a tire jacks and jack stands are made use. With the help of these tools, any piece of space can be changed into an automotive workshop in less time which makes it easy to do any maintenance works and repair of vehicles in your garage.

Jack and jack stands are safe and are reliable when used in the right way and when the right jack and stand are used for lifting the vehicle.

Jack and Jack Stands
Hydraulic power is used by vehicle jack to raise part of the car letting the user access for changing tires or for performing repairs or maintenance. Jacks are available in many types and weights. To get your work done choosing the best kind of jack is the key feature for both the safety of the mechanic and for the vehicle.

All the vehicles have inbuilt jack for tire changing. Though jacks are used for the sole purpose of lifting the vehicle off the ground by few inches, for deeper work either a second jack or stands are needed.

It is always best to be careful when making use of Jack. Jack of 2.5tons is used for lifting a vehicle which weighs 2 tons. Don’t end up damaging the jack lifting the vehicle which is above its capacity.

Jack Stands
Jack stands are generally tripod shaped or in the shape of a tower which is designed specifically to bear the entire weight of the vehicle which is raised. The jack stands should be placed beneath the frame or vehicle to the axle to add additional support for the raised car.
Once the vehicle is lifted the stands will be in the right place, and the vehicle will be brought down to the stands. The jack stands will have a saddle-shaped top which is used to hold the vehicle axle.The jack stand should be used only in surfaces which are hard and leveled. The only thing to take into consideration is that the jack stands should withhold the weight of the vehicle.

There are different types of Jack Stands, and they can be segregated based on the height and weight. The measurements are calculated regarding inches, and the weight is calculated in tons.

Jack stands are sold in a pack of two and are used along with floor jacks. The height of the stand will range between 13 to 25 inches and the maximum height reached will be 6 feet. The weight handled can peak up to 2 tons and get extended to 25 tons.