Choose The Best Boots To Wear To Work

14176-timberlandp_01-300x300Work boots kind of have a boring ring to it. At the advent of these boots they probably were too boring too. Designed just to fit the need, they were designed basically for protection. Nowadays with so many shoemakers venturing into work boots, there is tight competition and a high demand to satisfy the customer. Innovative technologies have worked out solutions to suit the needs of the work industry and also satisfy the customer in style and comfort.

The first thought about work boots is that they may be heavy, while there are heavy boots there are those made of lighter material too and with equal durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Look online and browse through catalogs and you will find a wide variety to choose from. We might not always know what to choose unless we have tried and used one for a while. Here we try to help you figure out the most comfortable work boots available for you to choose from.

The first and foremost thing to look for is if the work boot you are looking at is the best at the safety criteria it needs to accomplish. Work boots will vary depending on the work environment. For those working outdoors in cold and wet conditions, work boots with insulation and dryness is desirable but in hot environments like foundries a boot designed to resist temperature is desirable.

Scruff’s work wear is a UK based brand and has specialized shoes and boots for various activities even of extreme nature. Here we bring to you some of the best work boots from Scruff’s range. These work boots are made of modern, hi-tech materials, best quality assurance and offering great protection.

Scruff’s Twister series are among the best selling of their products. They have an impact resistant steel toe for safety and midsoles that are penetration proof. The sole is made of PU to rubber that delivers maximum stability, grip on rough terrains along with great comfort. The series come in contrast-colored panels with dense soles and padded tongue and collar.

Scruff’s Gravity boots are made of premium quality leather upper, midsole and steel toe. It has a fleece lining. These are hardwearing safety boots triple stitched at the seams. They have a padded ankle for comfort and are built for heavy construction work.

Scruff’s Switchback safety boots are cool work boots built for quality and to impress upon the next generation. They are great for hikers and are lightweight boots. They have a unique look and unprecedented performance. Steel toe assures safety and the midsole are made of a lightweight composite kind. The inner soles are cushioned and with the upper made of buck leather. These are a definition of comfort for those who are up on their feet for long hours.

Scruff’s Juro boots are designed to suit the Hiker’s needs and are waterproof. They are made of aluminum safety toe and the midsole is of composite design and these too are among the lightweight boots. The inner soles, tongue and collar are cushioned for comfort and protection.

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