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Tips To Maintain Your Auto Air Conditioning In Top Shape


Having an air conditioner in your vehicle is no longer considered a luxury. It is as common as having a rear-view mirror. Yet, most people are unaware of the maintenance and troubleshooting procedures that are sometimes required to keep them working. Many a trouble that plagues the air conditioning system can be taken care of by amateur mechanics. But, if you prefer professionals working on your automobile AC, then companies like Chamberlain auto electrician Bayswater, can provide you just the right solution to the glitches that are troubling your auto AC system. As stated by while there is a risk involved in exposing a pressurized system to the atmosphere that is best handled by a pro, there are minor trouble-shootings that call for lesser expertise.

You should try to get a fair idea about the maintenance of this system that works to keep you cool and comfortable. We have made this list of tips on AC maintenance. Let us have a peek at this list!

Running the air conditioner once a week
You may be using your automobile only sporadically. If your vehicle lies idle for a long while, there are chances of it misbehaving when you try to run it later on. There are some very simple things that you should do periodically to ensure that the air conditioning in your vehicle is in a running condition whenever you want to use it. Just turn on the air conditioner for some ten minutes every week to maintain the gas pressure in the compressor. Make sure that the fan speed is at its highest and the AC is at its coolest setting while doing this exercise. This will keep your compressor working properly even when you are not using your vehicle regularly.

Running defrost mode
This step, when done for about five to ten minutes, will ensure that the mildew and other excess moisture that has collected in your AC system has been cleaned out. If you fail to do this, it might lead to an unpleasant odor in your vehicle the next time you switch on your air conditioning while traveling.

Turn on your air conditioner in winter
In winter you may not exactly need to switch on your AC for cooling purposes. But the air conditioner also performs the important task of removing the humidity from the vehicle. It helps in removing the fog from your windshield, thereby improving visibility.

Refresh your air conditioner
It is recommended by experts that you recharge the air conditioning system in your vehicle every two years by refreshing the cooling system using gas and lubricant.

Get regular air conditioning service done
Experts also suggest heading to a reliable and experienced local service center every two years just before the onset of the hottest months of the year to ensure the smooth functioning of your cooling system.

Taking care of your automobile air conditioning system will assure you of cool and comfortable journeys whenever you wish to hit the road. So, keep your cool and get going!